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Visable Is Europe’s B2B Champion – New Umbrella for „Wer liefert was“, Europages and

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Hamburg (ots) – The leading B2B marketplace „Wer liefert was“ (wlw) and the B2B platform EUROPAGES are now part of the new corporate brand Visable. Both platforms will continue as Visable brands respectively offerings, as will the online marketing services already offered today, which companies can use to extend their reach beyond the B2B marketplaces. As a Google Premium and Microsoft Advertising Partner, Visable also provides search engine advertising and retargeting campaigns. The aim is to position and further develop the European B2B champion Visable as a response to international players from the US, China and India. Visable is therefore striving for double-digit sales growth in the coming years. Under Visable, the wlw Group’s turnover is to double from around 50 million euros in 2018 to 100 million euros in the medium term. „We are the leading European player in the online B2B sector and want to become the improved Alibaba of Europe“, says Peter F. Schmid, CEO of Visable, about the company’s aspirations.

Visable drives international expansion forward

Visable is active in 29 European markets and supports European SMEs in using digital sales channels and marketing activities for themselves so that they gain visibility throughout Europe. „Aside from Visable, no other provider in Europe offers specific, company-tailored solutions from its own B2B marketplaces and online marketing services so that international B2B purchasers and suppliers of products and services can come together.“, explains Schmid.

The name Visable was coined by combining the words „visible“ and „enable“. The company name thus describes the promise to give SMEs greater visibility and reach on the internet.

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